Jas Fit Kaur & Sven - Tamarama Beach, Sydney NSW

“I was so excited when @salsinghphotography_ reached out to me a little while ago wanting to capture our love. Sal is the first female Australian born Punjabi Sikh professional wedding photographer (crushing societal expectations FTW) and had seen our story on @browngirlmag
She wanted to show that love knows no colour, it has no boundaries and that we are not just “Fit Kaur and her non-Indian boyfriend”, but that we are Jas and Sven. Two people who saw no colour, race or religion when they fell in love. Two people who believe that love is the most important thing and that it ALWAYS wins, even in the face of adversity. And she did just that!”

THANK YOU @fit.kaur & @svenmaltekoch for being so raw with me!